Friday, November 25, 2011

Black friday!

Happy black Friday!
Today I went to Goodwill, and found a Guess bag and a Banana Republic blouse, then went to Forever 21 and found a warm leopard print shirt and a basic peach sweater. This has been my first black Friday, and let me tell you, that's going to be my last. The only highlight of this black Friday thing was that I saw a Forever 21 grandma....if you don't know what that is, it's the hot old lady's that shop at Forever 21 in full got to love it. The only thing I hate about Forever 21 is that if you spend more then twenty minutes in there you almost pass out from the intense heat that attacks your perfectly temperatured body. So ya, old lady’s and money is what overall consisted of my Friday.

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Xoxo, Chloe


  1. Hey Chloe i love your website!!!!!! its bean btw

  2. Hey chloe it's Sydney love ur website it's amazing kiss kiss