Wednesday, November 23, 2011

First blog!

If your looking at this, thank you, I love you. My life is full of alot of things, school, friends, family and what I love most, fashion. So I guess this is a blog for the people who want to hear my perspective on life, weather you just stumbled upon this, or you where truly intending on reading about a 13 year old who wants to be herd, you found what you were looking for. So here I go, my first blog!
I feel that mint will be very popular in this upcoming season, which is why I've been looking through all my clothes to find something that might even slightly resemble mint. I am planing to make a mint blazer with black leather trim on the cuffs (just a little, not to be tacky). Or even buying a white pair of jeans and dying them with green dye and blotting it to give it a washed sea foam look, i don't know, but I'm on a mission. I also really want to make a peach sheer chiffon sweater, not a pull over, but kinda shaped like a blazer, I don't know, I'm really into blazers lately. Probably because I'm to scared that I'll be made fun of for wear one, but i don't really care, if you don't like it, look away.
Thank you for reading.
xoxo, Chloe


  1. Did not know that you had the "fashion bug"... I need your help! All of my clothes are simple and boring, this year I would love a fun holiday outfit ...any suggestions?

  2. CHLOE! I LOVE THIS! Blazers are pretty much one of my favorite things, so wear it with pride! I love your idea with the sea foam jeans! I will totally be visiting this blog a ton!!!!!

    And how do you guys know each other (Greer and Chloe) Unless it is a different Greer....anyways....

    Well I will ask a question... I love mini skirts but I want to know how I can dress them up for a holiday gathering. What would you suggest?

  3. Greer, use lots of holaday colors like a red long sleeve under somthing more suttle, like a scarf and a big coat. Emmma, I'm so happy you like this! Mini skirts are great if their tight because you can wear bigger flowy shirts over (H&M and Forever 21 are full of these!) the skirt are really great because they make you look smaller, without making you look like a sack. :)

  4. Thanks bean,and everyone, subcribe to this blog and read all my daily things <3!