Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hola mi amigas y amigos!
I had a mini fashion shoot last night with one of my very beautiful friends.She was modeling a tweed blazer with combat boots to show the "men's style" that I was talking about yesterday. I gave her a strong brow and a high pony with teasing in the back. Because, I think its kind of sad how girls straighten their hair everyday, and don't love their own hair, once in a while,ya its fun. But everyday is just unneeded, my hair is naturally straight and honestly its boring, love your curly hair! At least you have it!

Xoxo, Chloe  


  1. haha my legs look so skinny and twiggy in that photo! my legs didnt look that skinny in the radiator one! seriously chloe that was so much fun!

  2. is that my little wills dressed up! if it is het hair is ADORABLE!!

  3. haha yup thats me rosie! chloe you remember anna rose from va right?

  4. omg u look soo cute ur legs look like teigs tho so eat MEAT u no u want to! @-}--