Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hola! Mi amigas y amigos,
Today I'm going to be super duper sorry for not posting anything in forever! :'( I'm so sorry! BUT! Today I am going to talk about the never ending debate about turtlenecks. I am trying very,very hard to try to give them a chance but i find every thing about them to be bad, the name, the closeness to old lady's gobble gobbles. And let be honest no one wants to enhance that. But I read a article in the "New York Times" and apparently turtlenecks are back. I have never worn one not even as a five year old living in the freezing cold Northwest, because the fabric felt to unnaturally close to my neck, i have a really phobia of things touching my neck..and snakes. So ya, leave a comment and follow me please!

Xoxo, Chloe

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