Monday, December 12, 2011


Soooo guess what! I was just flipping though last Saturdays new York Times Style and guess what I found? MINT! I found a whole baby article on mint pants..I knew it! So anyways trying to contain my excitement.I am in love with a new sweatshirt I got from Urban Outfitters for half off then another half off, its striped and its not all bulky. Lately I am trying to stay away from stripes because my wardrobe was slowly turning into a candy cane factory, but I broke that rule with my new shirt :(. Oh well stripes make my day! I'm trying to get into wearing polka dots because they just inbody my personalty so well. Please follow me and leave a comment!

Xoxo, Chloe



  1. I know it's the holiday season and stuff but write a post!!!!! Your posts make my day better if I'm having a bad one!!! I <3 you Chloe but I need a post!!

  2. I am going to post one tomarrow. It's just i havent been posting because i need more members because otherwise its pointless to be writing if 645 people are reading it but only 9 are members. :(